What is SHOCU?

The Shochu is a Japanese spirits, distilled beverage.

Typically speaking, it is distilled from barley, sweet potatoes, or rice; however it is also distilled from other exclusive ingredients such as brown sugar, buckwheat or chestnut.

The average alcohol by volume that is contained in Shochu is 25% but no more than 45%. There are many variety ways to enjoy Shochu as follows:

  • Neat (simply enjoy the aroma, flavor and taste. Usually described as “nutty” and “earthy”).
  • On the rocks.
  • Add room temperature water or hot water.
  • Mix with soda water, juice or other beverages.
  • Add your original flavor.


The Kokuto Shochu (Brown sugar distilled Japanese spirits) is one of the exclusive type of Shochu which is only produced in Amami Islands Area in Japan.

This brown sugar spirits manufacturing is confined to Amami Islands Area only by Japanese government regulation back in 1953. Since then this unique and flavorful spirits from Amami Islands has been enjoyed and treasured by many of its fans all over the world.

For those health conscious people today, this Kokuto Shochu has a great benefit as it contains 0% sugar like western brandies and whiskeys; and also the most amazing benefit from the Kokuto Shochu is that it is less possible to give you a hangover the next day.

According to a Japanese Researcher, Professor Hiroyuki Sumi from Kurashiki University of science and the arts, apparently more of the enzymes called Urokinase and Plasmin are produced within the blood cells by the ingredients in Kokuto Shochu to dissolve the blood clot. Professor Sumi also stated that the increased level of High density cholesterol (good cholesterol) is predicted eventually preventing Arteriosclerosis.

Currently there are about 25 Distillers within Amami Island Area and approximately 170 brands of Kokoto Shochu are distributed to other parts of Japan and all over the world. The geographical advantage in one of the Amami Island Area, Kikai Island, has a lot to offer in order to produce the best quality Kokuto Shochu.The water is one of the key ingredient in producing Kokuto Shochu and the Kikai Island is surrounded by the abundant calcium and magnesium because of the Island is made of an upheaval coral reef contributing to produce one of the kind Kokuto Shochu.