The Most Traditional Kokuto Shochu Distillery

Kokuto Shochu is produced only in Amami Islands.

Surround by Kikaijima's abundant nature and kind and gentle islanders, we were grown by the local environment.

We challenge in "Monozukuri" (which we mean "shochu production" by it) everyday. We grow organic sugar cane in our field, and from the sugar cane we make Kokuto (brown sugar). We produce shochu with ingredients full of the nature's blessings.

Our wish is that you feel the nature of Kikaijima when you drink our kokuto shochu.

We will keep doing our best to produce Kikaijima's kokuto shochu.


Our Commitments to Ingredients

Kokuto Shochu

The main ingredients of Kokuto Shochu are rice and kokuto.

Asahi Distillery is very committed to choosing our ingredients, growing them ourselves in Kikaijima, and produce shochu locally.

Kokuto (Sugar Cane)

One of the main ingredients of kokuto shochu. At Asahi Distillery we are growing organic sugar cane in our field and make kokuto from it.

This kokuto is used for some of our products.

Rice (grown in a dry field)

Asahi Distillery challenge in growing rice as we wish to make kokuto shochu using only locally grown and produced ingredients.

We plan to use our dry-field-grown-rice in some of our shochu starting from 2017.

How to make SHOCHU

Tell Stories of Kikaijima through Shochu

Kikaijima, in Amami Islands of Kagoshima prefecture, is an island blessed by mother nature.

The Island is filled with sugar cane fields; various kinds of fish and coral inhabit in clear and beautiful ocean.

Asahi Distillery lives with this island. We hope you feel and sense Kikaijima.

This is our driving force to challenge in producing local shochu of Kikaijima.

About Kikaijima